Tecnifibre ATP Razor Code

Tecnifibre Razor Code Review and Play Test

String: Tecnifibre Razor Code (16 1.30 mm)
Construction: Co-Polymer Monofilament
Racket Used: Tecnifibre TF40 305
Tension: 54 lbs (about 24.5 kg)
Cost: $17

Razor Code – What You Need to Know
Razor Code is the “official string” of the ATP tour but unfortunately it’s unlikely to be the string that takes you to the big leagues. It’s fine in pretty much every way and I will say that for a string with a very muted feel it’s not as harsh on the arm as many others. That being said for the price I think it’s a string you can certainly pass on unless for some reason you feel like you need to play with the official string of the ATP Tour.

Razor Code – What I Loved
The design of the packaging is what stands out the most. That’s not at all meant as insult it really is very cool looking and a reason you might try the string. From a playability standpoint there wasn’t really anything that jumped out at me as something I loved. I think it’s best quality is it’s neutrality as far as polyesters go. I understand why Tecnifibre would label this string as an “ATP style” type string because it really relies on the player to generate the power, spin, and feel. It’s certainly capable but it’s not going to give you a handicap in any category.

Razor Code – What I Hated
The only thing I hate is the price. It’s expensive for what it is and for me personally it’s not my type of polyester. That being said nothing playability wise really glared out to me as a real negative.

Not a great value for money. The ATP packaging is cool but the string itself is nowhere near as impressive.

Who this string IS for
This is going to be very specific but I think if you really like RPM Blast but are looking for something just a bit less harsh on the arm Razor Code is worth a try. At the same time I’d recommend Black Magic from Genesis which is about half the cost.

Who this string is NOT for
Players that prefer more pop from their polyester setup will likely want to avoid this one because it just isn’t that kind of polyester. Likewise if your looking for some extra bite on your ball this string will not help you.

Final Verdict
The fact that this string is branded the official string of the ATP World Tour is promising a lot and it would be tough for any string to live up to that sort of hype. I don’t really know what I was expecting but the string itself just felt like another generic muted control friendly poly. If that’s your cup of tea you could try it but for $17 a set it’s not doing anything spectacular to justify that kind of price tag.