Solinco Hyper-G Soft

Solinco Hyper-G Soft Review and Play Test

String: Solinco Hyper-G Soft (16L 1.25 mm)
Construction: Co-Polyester Monofilament
Racket Used: Babolat Aeropro Drive 2013
Tension: 59 lbs
Cost: $12

Hyper-G Soft – What You Need to Know

You always worry when a classic string gets either a “soft” or a “rough” version, but I have to say in this case Hyper G Soft delivers as a string very similar to the original but just a little softer.  If you’re loving the original Hyper-G and the control it delivers you should stick with that. However, if you feel the original is a little too harsh and doesn’t pocket the ball enough then definitely consider giving the soft version a try. It will fall off over time like all polyesters do but I was able to leave this string in for a long time and not get too annoyed by it.  I left it in my frame for a few months until it finally broke on a central cross string.

Hyper G Soft – What I Loved

The fact that the soft version does remind me of the original Hyper-G in a lot of ways. It’s still a control first take a massive cut at the ball sort of string with a lot of spin and ball bite potential. What’s even nicer is that the feel of the string bed is a little crisper and a little less harsh. I was pleasantly surprised with how the feel and ability to absolutely attack flat serves without the fear of a harsh response on the shoulder.  It does drop off at a certain point but I was surprised that I could still take huge swings after many sessions using it and the ball for the most part was still doing what I wanted it to do. They say “improved tensions maintenance” and I think it’s probably true because after breaking this string I switched over to a racket with the regular Hyper-G (strung up around the same time) and didn’t feel as confident with my control.

Hyper G Soft – What I Hated

I really can’t point to anything specific that I hated with this one. It does what it says on the package which is provide a similar playing experience to Hyper-G but softer. Solinco has done a good job with this one like always. It would be great if this string had the exact same degree of control as the original but that’s not a fair criticism to levy at this string.


If you’re willing to leave it in until it breaks it’s a fine value for money string purchase. Hyper-G is such an amazing string that I’d definitely be willing to pay more for it. Same thing is true for the soft version.

Who this string IS for

It’s for players that are losing some strength or confidence in their arm and need to go a little softer than your traditional RPM Blasts, Tour Bites, or Original Hyper-G. It’s a tradeoff of course because you don’t achieve quite the same levels of control or spin potential but for the sake of your arm it’s probably for the best. It’s a great option for former high level players getting into their mid 30’s who need to start thinking about protecting their elbows and shoulders but still want that polyester experience.

Who this string is NOT for

Players still at their peak fitness/arm strength will likely want to stick with their current polyester setup (ie MAX spin potential and control). Players that have arm issues will still want to avoid this one because it is a polyester and stiffer on the arm than your classic multifilaments.

Final Verdict

Great string that’s earned its right to be considered part of the Hyper-G family. Perfect for players getting older and weaker that probably shouldn’t be using the original Hyper-G anymore (cough me). I’m very interested to try Tour Bite soft next and see how that compares because that string is too harsh for me in it’s original state.