Prince Diablo Prism

Prince Diablo Prism Review and Play Test

String: Prince Diablo Prism (16 1.30 mm)
Construction: Co-polyester Monofilament
Racket Used: Babolat Aero Pro Drive
Tension: 60 lbs (about 27 kg)
Previous String in Frame: Solinco Hyper-G
Cost: $10 a set

Diablo Prism – What You Need to Know
It’s all about the aesthetics with the marketing on this one. Do you want people to comment on the color of your strings and are in the market for an average Luxilon Alu Power type polyester? If you answer yes to these questions this is the string for you. I was a little worried this string would just be gimmick and play terribly but that’s not the case. It plays about average and for that reason there’s not much to say about it other than it’s colorful. The downside is it drops off fairly quick even for a polyester. You probably won’t break the string quickly but I noticed a pretty big drop off after about 3 hours of hard hitting. The pop/feel is good for this type of string but the spin potential and longevity are average to slightly below average in my opinion. If you like colors and a little flash why not? But if that means nothing to you and you’re happy with your current poly I don’t think you need to try this one out.

Diablo Prism – What I Loved
You can only fairly review strings within their appropriate category. For a polyester that focuses on pop more than control I’d say this is average. I didn’t have anything I loved (even the way they did the color scheme was a little disappointing) but I didn’t have anything I really hated either. I’d say the feel off the stringer was definitely a pleasant surprise for me. I was expecting a lot stiffer and tougher on the arm. But where this string excelled on feel I think it dropped a little when it came to control (spin potential). I usually know a string is starting to die on me when I loose confidence in keeping my serves in and after about three hours of playing my hardest I was definitely just spinning them in. One of the things that I always look for is string movement and having to snap strings back in place. Luckily never had an issue with that which I always love.

Diablo Prism – What I Hated
The speed at which this string dropped off was pretty quick even for a polyester. Depending on your level you might be able to get a full week out of it but for me it only took about 2 plays before I noticed a drop in tension and overall performance. To be honest though with the polys that have a little more pop to them (Alu Power) they usually drop off quicker than the stiffer ones (Tour Bite). So there’s always a give and take. If you’re going to go multi colored really go for it. It’s still just four colors and I think I would have preferred something really insane. I’m sure that would bring cost up but it would be more fun than just two colors for the mains and two for the crosses.

It’s cheaper than the “premier” offerings from companies like Luxilon and Babolat and plays about as well off the stringer. The big issue is just how long it performs for you at a high level compared to your current poly. Again everything is pretty average about this string including the price.

Who this string IS for
Players that like the softer playing Polyesters would be pleased with this string It’s the class of the string that I’m typically in the market for. I didn’t find it to be brutal on the arm and the feel/pop was much better than I anticipated. As a polyester it’s still lower powered than your synthetics and multifilaments so you’ll need to generate that power/spin with your stroke. Spin potential is fine but not in the same class as something like Hyper-G or say True Grit where you see that late dip on the ball. If you’re the sort of player that needs the string to play optimally you’ll need to restring very frequently because you’ll notice the drop off pretty obviously.

Who this string is NOT for
Players who need their string to generate the majority of the power If you don’t take a big swing this string isn’t going to help your game in anyway. Players with massive swings might find the string has a little too much power and therefore would want to seek out a stiffer alternative. For someone like me who doesn’t take an insane cut at the ball anymore it performed quite well albeit it didn’t have that “late action” spin that some other polyesters do. If you’re looking for a polyester with great tension maintenance that performs well for more than a handful of hours again you’ll want to look elsewhere.

Final Verdict
It’s an average polyester string in the class of something like Alu Power. The color scheme makes it unique and doesn’t detract from the performance. I’m sure many people might think this is just a super gimmicky string based on the “rainbow color” marketing but it’s not. Aka the quality of the string doesn’t suffer because of it. That being said unless you’re really interested in having the multiple colors if you already have a polyester you’re satisfied with you definitely won’t have your mind blown with this string.