Head Lynx Tour

Head Lynx Tour Code Review and Play Test

String: Head Lynx Tour (17 1.25 mm)
Construction: Co-Polymer Monofilament
Racket Used: Tecnifibre TF40 305
Tension: 54 lbs (about 24.5 kg)
Cost: $12

Lynx Tour – What You Need to Know
A friend gave me one of his experimental sets to try and all I can say is the string is fine. It reminds me a lot of Diablo Prism in the feel department. Decent amount of pop and definitely not too stiff as far as polyesters go. Like with a lot of the newer polyesters I was impressed with the longevity of this string. I played with it until it broke and it wasn’t until the final couple of plays where I really felt the tension bottom out and I knew it was only a matter of time. Interestingly it was a cross string that broke on me. I believe the claim to fame of this string is that Thiem may have used it in a hybrid configuration when he won Indian Wells in 2019. If you have a textured main string for additional ball bite I could see this string working well as a cross. I was not impressed with the bite/spin potential of this string in a full bed. And so for me this is a one and done string because there are plenty of cheaper strings on the market that perform similarly.

Lynx Tour – What I Loved
String life and overall longevity would be the main thing. I also thought the feel was above average but I wouldn’t say I was overly impressed by it.

Lynx Tour – What I Hated
There’s just not enough bite with this string to make it worth a try for players that hit with heavy spin. Along the same lines it’s really not a string you feel absolutely confident wailing at the ball with which isn’t a bad thing but is something a lot of players have grown accustomed to with some of the more control orientated polyester strings.

It’s right at that pricepoint I figured it would be. It’s average for what the newer polys go for these days. I think most players would be able to find cheaper alternatives that they like just as much if not more (Tier 1 and Genesis come to mind).

Who this string IS for
Like what Dominic Thiem did in Indian Wells I think this strings best application is as a cross string to a textured Poly in the mains. In a full bed it might suite some 4.0 type players but I think for harder/faster swing styles the spin potential just isn’t good enough. The feel is above average and it’s relatively soft so I think this string isn’t a terrible entry level Polyester but it wouldn’t be my first choice.

Who this string is NOT for
Players outside that 4.0 type range who use Polyester strings won’t get a whole lot out of this string. It’s an average Polyester string.

Final Verdict
Like I said at the beginning it’s fine. It’s certainly not anything revolutionary but if you’re in the market for a relatively soft polyester with above average play longevity Lynx Tour would serve your needs.