Genesis Xplosion

Genesis Xplosion Review and Play Test

String: Genesis Xplosion (16g)
Construction: Multifilament
Racket Used: Babolat Aero Pro Drive
Tension: 59 lbs (about 27 kg)
Previous String in Frame: Genesis True Grit
Cost: $10 a set
Strung Date: May 4th
Strings Broke: May 21st

Xplosion – What You Need to Know
This is Genesis’ “premier” multifilament. AKA this is the Genesis string offering that comes the closest to, or attempts to emulate, natural gut (to some extent). This string is definitely stiffer than some other companies’ efforts (Babolat Xcel, Wilson NXT, etc) but the string itself is more durable and holds tension pretty well. If you are to use this string consider going a couple of lbs looser than usual. The “feel” falls off relatively quick but the actual playability was consistent for me over the month long span I used it.

This is the most “all around” string I’ve ever used. Keep in mind that’s not necessarily a good or a bad thing. Some players need strings with a lot of inherent power while others need strings that are capable of generation a lot of topspin. This string is unique because it doesn’t have a weakness but it doesn’t have an obvious strength either. At $10 (most strings in this family retail at $20) it’s a good value and if you’re not a routine string breaker this multifilament may last you a bit longer than similiar strings from other companies. At the end of the day if you’re an “all around” player (especially a doubles player who doesn’t charge the net every point) this string is definitely worth a try.

Xplosion – What I Loved
First thing I noticed was how much topspin I was generating. Obviously not as much as a polyester but still a surprising amount for a string in this family. This is a great in between string if you are needing to downgrade from poly because of arm problems (not a string to use if you have pre existing arm problems). It also will work great as a cross string for hybrid setups because you won’t sacrifice much in terms of spin potential but you will soften up the bed a bit. OR you can actually use this as the main string and use something even softer (like a synthetic gut or other multi) as the cross… I’ve done this a few times for people.

Xplosion – What I Hated
The strings do start to move if you hit with an average or an above average amount of topspin. It’s kind of annoying because I noticed when the strings were out of place the actual feel (even when you hit in the sweetspot) was not pleasing. That would probably be the one thing I hated about this string. The string doesn’t move as much as thunder blast but it’s still really annoying.

Great Value. At $10 a set it’s hard to complain. A string like Babolat Xcel retails for $20 and I think this string, while obviously different, excels (pun intended) in some areas where other multis often lack. Like most Genesis strings the tension holds well and the string is durable. As some people online have noted the string starts to lose its “feel” over time but the actual playability (shot execution) was pretty consistent for me over the month I used the string. To put that another way I found that I could execute all my shots but the actual feel/response of the string wasn’t as pleasing in week 4 as it was in week 1.

Who this string IS for
A great string for doubles players or singles players with an all around game. Honestly, this string could be used by almost any player. The harder you hit (more topspin you generate) the more frequently you’ll need to restring. This is not one of those super soft strings so if you have arm problems this is not a good solution. If you are a tennis instructor or coach this is a great string to use. It’s easy to tailor you’re play or feeding to different playing styles with Xplosion.

Who this string is NOT for
Not for aggressive baseliners who generate a LOT of topspin or for players with arm problems. Pretty much this string is fine for about 90% of players but anyone on either end of the spectrum should seek out something else.

Final Verdict
I’ve read mixed reviews for this string online. Some people say after the third play the string performs very poorly and needs to be restrung. I didn’t have that experience but I definitely noticed the feel going away and that happened pretty quickly. Ironically the actual execution of my shots stayed pretty consistent it just didn’t feel as nice coming off the strings. For the sake of comparison I found that with Blizzard (or Babolat) Synthetic gut the feel and execution drop off at about the same rate where you actually need to restring to keep the ball in play.

This is literally the most “all around” string I have ever used. That’s not necessarily a good or a bad thing. The feel is OK, spin generation is average, power potential is average, etc. It’s a good value string if you’re willing to live with the feel drop off and have the means to restring every few months. Conversely you could try something like Blizzard (or Babolat) Synthetic Gut and restring every month.