Genesis Spin-X

Genesis Spin X Review and Play Test

String: Genesis Spin-X (16 1.29 mm)
Construction: Co-Polymer Monofilament
Racket Used: Tecnifibre TF40 305
Tension: 54 lbs (about 24.5 kg)
Cost: $6 (approximately)

Spin-X – What You Need to Know
It’s one of the better textured co polyester tennis strings I’ve used (not my favorite though). On groundstrokes it really does give you a little extra late movement on the ball that makes a big difference if you’re the sort of person that has a tendency to hit just long with standard polyesters. That being said it’s always left me wanting on serve and is the main reason I don’t typically recommend it. If you’re really strong and can get over the response on serve it’s worth a try if you’re a fan of textured polyesters. Surprisingly it’s not too tough on the arm (despite being an old string) but the response off the string bed is on the more muted and dead side. At the end of the day I would still recommend Tier One Firewire before Spin-X for people looking for a textured poly.

Spin-X  – What I Loved
It’s great on groundstrokes and surprisingly above average on volleys and touch shots for this type of string. Great ball bit and late action that will save you on some of your more aggressive cuts at the ball.

Spin-X – What I Hated
I’ve used Spin-X several times in a couple different rackets and I always feel the same way about my serve with it… not so great. This may be a unique issue to me but I’m very sensitive to feel off the string bed when it comes to serve and this string has always let me down. Obviously serve is critical so it’s been a major issue for me. Many people with a better serve than me will probably be able to overcome this but it’s my number one deal breaker as it relates to spin-x.

Compared to some of the big boys on the market (Alu Rough/RPM Rough) this string comes in at nearly half the cost. The biggest issue right now would just be procuring a single set as it seems to only come in reels now so you’ll need to find someone with a reel on hand if you want to try it out.

Who this string IS for
Players that are currently using a polyester looking for that little extra control and ball bite. This string falls into the “late action” category where the string will save some of your more ambitious cuts.

Who this string is NOT for
Players that love pop out of their polyester. You need to have a lot of inherent power in your game if you’re going to use Spin-X to blast your opponent of the court. If serve is you’re strength I’d also say you might want to avoid Spin-X. All the times I’ve played with Spin-X I’ve never felt very good about my serve.

Final Verdict
For me it’s slightly above average of the textured co-polyesters I’ve played with. Unfortunately the lack of pop and feel on serve leaves me wanting and is the main reason why I wouldn’t put it in any kind of best of the best ranking. I really like the extra bite this string provides on groundstrokes but I think if you’re looking for a super spin friendly budget co-poly Firewire from Tier One would still be my go to.