Please consult the following pages for more information about tennis racket restringing. Contact Me if you have any questions. Ie what string setup would be well suited to my game?
String Technology (Different Types of Tennis Strings)
Hybrid Stringing Guide
Stringing With Natural Gut

Drop Off/Pick Up Location6 Cullinan Court Gaithersburg Maryland 20878

Schedule a time to drop off racket or use the Drop Box (anytime) sitting out front. See picture.
Please email or txt me (240)-224-4190 stringing specifications (Racket, Strings, Tension) after you’ve dropped off the racket.

If you take lessons or clinics with me racket can be dropped off and picked up at lesson location.


Supply Your Own String
$20 per racket (All finished rackets are covered with a complimentary Poly Bag)

Synthetic Gut
$20 Genesis Tournament Nylon Pink (FREE)
$25 Genesis Synthetic Gut Classic
$25 Genesis Zero Gravity (16g)
$25 Genesis Blizzard Synthetic Gut (16g)

Multi Filament
$30 Genesis Zona Spin Hexa (17g)
$30 Gamma TNT2
$40 Tecnifibre NRG2
$40 Tecnifibre X-One Biphase (17g)

$25 Genesis Basic Poly (17g)
$30 Genesis Spin X
$35 Solinco Hyper G Soft
$35 Tier One Black Knight
$35 Tier One Firewire

Natural Gut (Please read the following about stringing with natural gut)
Contact me for options and pricing.
More than likely you will be hybriding this string w/ a polyester or multifilament.

Combine two different strings (one for the mains and one for the crosses). The traditional setup is a polyester, durable multi filament, or natural gut in the mains (most durable greatest spin potential) and natural gut, synthetic gut, or a softer multi filament in the crosses (more pop, feel, and easier on the arm). It can take some time/experimentation to find what’s perfect for you. I recommend a hybrid setup for the majority of players I work with. Please do not hesitate to contact me for a specific recommendation based on your style of play. For more information on hybrid stringing feel free to read my hybrid stringing guide. String price calculated by taking 1/2 the price of each set of string.


$5 Wilson Pro Overgrip (More Info)

Guaranteed ready within 72 hours of receiving the racket. Typically the racket will be ready within 24 hours. I will contact you via your preferred method (call, txt, email) when the racket is done.

Payment Options
Cash, Check (payable to Brian Bollman), or Venmo (@BrianBollmanTennis)

If you are interested in having your racquetball racket restrung please contact me with the make and model of your racket in advance.