Tennis Lessons

Private Tennis Teaching Services

Private Lessons – One on one instruction based. Typically about 30% of the time is spent instructing (explaining concepts) and 70% of the time is spent putting what you’ve learned into practice. Players may have something they want to work on coming into the lesson or it can be structured as more of a general lesson (a little bit of everything). If players would like to incorporate point play/live ball practice into the lesson (never a bad idea) we can certainly spend time on that as well.

Hitting Partner – Little to no “formal” teaching. A chance for you to practice what you’ve learned in a “real” tennis environment. All live ball. I’ll give you some basic reminders if I see something but it’s really just hitting and simulated match scenarios. Adult players must be at least a 3.0 (intermediate) and junior players must be capable of rallying.

Practice Set Opponent – It’s exactly what it sounds like. Play out a practice set. I can adjust my game to most styles of play. For example if you want practice against a “pusher” I can push if you want practice against serve and volley I can serve and volley, etc.

Doubles Sub/Stand In – Basically the same thing as a practice set opponent only it’s structured more as a 3 and me. Great for players who need a fill in on contract time or for a USTA team looking for practice before a doubles match.

Group Lessons

Semi Private – Lesson for 2
Three and Me – Lesson, hitting session (4 on the court), practice set (doubles), or Doubles Stand in for 3.
Foursome – Private clinic for 4

Rates – Rates vary based on time, type, and location. Student is responsible for covering the cost of the court for indoor lessons. Please contact me for quote.

Locations – Indoor Lessons held at Pauline Betz Addie Tennis Center in Bethesda Maryland or Wheaton Indoor Tennis and outdoor lessons are held at a variety of locations in Gaithersburg and Germantown.


I’ve attached my most recent/on going class schedule at Pauline Betz Addie Tennis Center. Please be aware that I am not available for privates at any of those times and if you are interested in a private lesson immediately before or following one of my classes the lesson will have to be held at the Pauline Betz Addie Tennis Center in Bethesda (just down the street from Montgomery Mall).

Class Schedule (click the link)