Solinco Tour Bite Soft

Solinco Tour Bite Soft Review and Play Test

String: Solinco Tour Bite Soft (16L 1.25 mm)
Construction: Co-Polyester Monofilament
Racket Used: Babolat Aeropro Drive 2013
Tension: 59 lbs
Cost: $12

Tour Bite Soft – What You Need to Know

Throughout this review I’ll be constantly be comparing Tour Bite Soft to Hyper-G Soft which I just reviewed. My issue with Tour Bite Soft is that it seems to enhance all of the feel characteristics that I dislike about the original Tour Bite whereas Hyper-G Soft still provides a nice firm pop off the string bed that I prefer. I think this string is fine and it does offer tons of control for a softer feeling poly but it just doesn’t do that much for me when something like Hyper-G soft exists.

Tour Bite Soft – What I Loved

Just like the original tour bite I love the amount of control that this polyester offers. Maybe there’s slightly less than the original Tour Bite but in general this is a control first string. Spin potential and the degree of ball bite you can achieve is notable as well.

Tour Bite Soft – What I Hated

The fact that I’m reviewing this right after Hyper-G Soft makes it impossible to be objective. I was constantly thinking about how much I’d preferred that string to this one and for that reason I think I was focusing more on the negatives about this string than I probably would have if I had reviewed this one first. The biggest issues are the feel off the string bed (it’s a very unpleasant plasticky kind of response you get with some polys) and the lack of “power” that you feel with Hyper-G.


At $12 it’s fine. After one play in the string settles and has been playing pretty consistent for me over the past several hours. I’ve noticed some tension drop but it didn’t fall off a cliff for me.

Who this string IS for

Players that love Tour Bite to the bitter end but want the response to be slightly softer. This sounds like a total cop out but that’s my feeling with this one.

Who this string is NOT for

Even if you are the sort of player that’s in the market for a softer feeling polyester this probably isn’t the first one to test out. Tour Bite has a very strong following with its user base but for me the plasticky response of the string bed was very annoying and I had a tough time overcoming that.

Final Verdict

I think this is a good string especially for tour bite users that are looking to soften up their string bed. Was it an amazing string or even a good string for me… no it wasn’t. I think it will have its supporters and users but for me the feel and pop from Hyper-G soft is what takes that string to another level even if this string does offer a little more in the control department. Spin potential and ball bite I think you can get a little more out of Hyper-G but it’s marginal.