One Piece Stringing Method

One Piece Stringing on a Neos 1000

The Machine: Prince NEOS 1000

The Mounting System: 2 Point

Stringing Method: 1 Piece 2 Knots

One Piece or Two Piece Everyones Got A Take
Well maybe everyone except for me. Most of my stringing choices are made on a racket by racket/string by string basis. For my own rackets I usually go two piece and then depending on the machine will either go starting clamp or starting knot. On constant pull (electric) machines I’ll typically use a starting clamp so I put less pressure on the tie off grommet and with the lockout/manual cranks I’ll typically go starting knot because it feels better off the stringer and based on the tensioning method less sustained pressure is being applied to the grommet. When it comes to one piece or two piece I almost always opt for two piece because it puts less strain on the frame. If you were to make a mistake and have to cut out the strings during the stringing process one piece can put more pressure on the frame depending on when and where you have to cut out. I also just like the fact that you’re not dealing with such a long piece of string. People who string for a living (not me) will probably opt for one piece because they can often save a little more string off of a reel using a one piece method since they don’t need to pull excess string to reach the tension head like you need when doing  two piece starting clamp method.

One piece should also yield a higher dynamic tension/something more accurate but that really doesn’t matter as long your making your tension adjustments based on how the racket plays off the stringer and you’re using the same stringer/machine every time.  That’s often something people overlook. 50 lbs using one method on one machine may feel like 55 lbs using another method on another machine. It’s up to you to find what feels right not just going with an arbitrary number.

When to Use The One Piece Method
#1 The Player Asks for It
Obviously if the person you’re stringing for has a strong desire for 1 piece stringing that’s what you do. In my experience it’s extremely rare but occasionally it happens and whether logical or illogical people have their reasons. The usual reason is that’s the way it’s always been done and they are worried about a lower dynamic tension via 2 piece. To date I’ve never had someone specifically ask for 2 piece stringing so in general it will typically be your hard core players that may make a request for 1 piece.

#2 The Mains End in the Head
When the mains end in the head it really makes no difference whether you go 1 piece or 2 piece because a similar amount of pressure/strain gets put on the racket during the stringing process either way. Because the Neos is really designed for 2 piece stringing that’s my default on the machine. Just keep in mind if you make a catastrophic mistake midway through your crosses using the 1 piece method you maybe putting more strain on the racket when you cut the strings.

#3 Your Machine Supports Around the World Patterns (Swivel Clamps)
We will cover around the world patterns in a future post. But basically if you have a starting clamp and the machine uses swivel clamps you can go around the world to circumvent going throat to head with your crosses. Unfortunately the Neos 1000 uses draw bars and therefore can’t easily or efficiently pull off an around the world pattern.

When To Use Two Piece
#1 Hybrid Stringing
There are no other ways to accomplish a hybrid string job

#2 You’re Worried About Damaging the Frame
Typically if you’re worried about the frame holding up you shouldn’t string the racket in the first place. But let’s say you get an older racket that’s clearly seen some things I think going 2 piece will put your mind at ease a little bit. Some rackets will actually have a warranty voided for using a 1 piece method.

#3 Your Weaving Skills Are Suspect
I’m by no means an expert weaver especially with certain types of polys. If I know my racket is going to sit on the machine longer than it should I definitely go 2 piece for the same reasons listed above as it relates to frame integrity.

#4 Draw Bars
The NEOS 1000 has draw bars instead of swivel clamps. For this reason you can’t go around the world and therefore when the mains end in the throat you really should go 2 piece unless you have no other option.

One thousand words later what’s the big takeaway? Basically that one piece or two piece doesn’t really matter as long as the person stringing your racket is consistent in their method and with their machine so you can adjust your tension request accordingly. Remember that 60 on one machine may feel like 55 on another and 65 on another. All three machines are likely calibrated correctly but there are just so many things that can happen in the stringing process that alters that final dynamic tension. Have no fear as long as you know whether or not you want the strings looser or tighter it doesn’t really matter how “accurate” that number is if you adjust according to your playing experience and if you don’t know any better or can’t tell don’t worry about it all.