Best of Tennis Overgrips 2019

Tennis Overgrips You Say?
We haven’t talked about grips or overgrips before in any of these posts but many would argue the grip is as important as the racket or strings. For me it might be even more important. That sounds kind of crazy but when my racket is slipping in my hand or the feel just isn’t right it drives me absolutely nuts. To me it’s as annoying as when you feel a polyester string go totally dead mid match. I’m not as crazy as Richard Gasquet who changes his grip on every changeover but I actually change my overgrip every couple of days or if I’m playing competitively before every match. It comes back to the whole limiting variables thing I’ve talked about before. The quality and freshness of your over grip is something you can control. My hand sweats more than the average person as well so I’ve always been super picky about my grips and have tried a whole lot of them to find what’s best for me. So let’s get into the best overgrips of 2019.

The Criteria and The Disclaimers
Obviously these are my opinions. You will likely have a different top 3. Feel free to email me your hate mail. Also I am just one person with limited resources and time which means there are tons of grips I haven’t even tried.

This top 3 features the best overgrips available in 2019 according to yours truly. This is not a list of the “Best” new overgrips released in 2019 because I think that would be silly you want to know what I think is the best. Spoiler: None of the grips in this top 3 were released in 2019. It’s very likely there won’t be any changes in 2020 but you never know because I’m always trying to new things.

Grip Categories
Like rackets and strings there are different categories of grips. For anyone out there new to overgrips first and foremost you should try a grip from each category…select your favorite and then test out a few different brands/grips from that category to settle out on your final choice.

Perforated/Treaded/Grooved – The ones with the holes or other patterns. Aka not smooth. Perforations are supposed to increase moisture absorption/release and give a better “feel” of the racket ie the original undergrip. The reasons for treads or grooves varies but usually it boils down to either a feel or absorption thing.
Example: Wilson Pro Overgrip Perforated
Example: Solinco Heaven Grip
Example: Tecnifibre ATP Pro Players Overgrip

Cloth – No slick exterior like the majority of most grips. People either Love Em or Hate Em. Designed for optimum sweat absortion and “no slip” even under super humid and sweaty hand conditions. These grips usually don’t feel all that comfortable or feature a lot of cushion but that’s not the point.
Example: Tourna Grip Original
Example: Luxilon Elite Dry (In my opinion a very disappointing grip from such a boutique company)

Tacky – A lot of grips have some degree of tack but there are some that feature this as the primary selling point/characteristic. They often have the word tac or tack somewhere in their name.
Example: Tourna Grip Mega Tac
Example: Tecnifibre Pro Contact

Comfort/Dry – Grips that vary in degrees of tackiness but tend not to advertise tack as their primary characteristic. Most will advertise comfort and cushion first followed by some degrees of tackiness and sweat abortion.
Example: Wilson Pro

My Tennis Overgrip Category of Choice
It’s important to understand that my top 3 list will only feature one type of overgrip since that is what I prefer. If you prefer tacky grips your list would likely feature 3 tacky overgrips. The exception to the rule for a lot of people would be to throw in the Tourna Grip since it’s such a classic and overall a quality grip. Personally it doesn’t rank in my top 3 but I do prefer the Tourna Grip to several grips in the category of my choice. My preference is for comfort based overgrips. I buy my rackets at 4 ¼ and immediately build up the grip with an overgrip with a thickness of .4 to .6. That’s what I’ve always done and partially why this top 3 is problematic. It’s really hard for me to use any other grips. I find I’m way more anal about my grip than I am my strings and that’s saying something.

The Top 3 Overgrips of 2019

#3 Yonex Super Grap
MSRP (3 Pack): $6
Thickness: .60mm
An amazing overgrip that I’ve purchased in bulk a few times. Good balance of tack that for me just isn’t quite as comfortable as the #2 and #1 of our list. That being said it’s a grip I still love and have no problems using.

#2 Babolat Pro Tour Overgrip
MSRP (3 Pack): $7
Thickness: .60mm
Very similar to the #3 and #1 just happens to feel a little better than the #3 and a little “worse” than the #2. An overgrip I’d have no problems using any day of the week. Probably the tackiest of the 3 but still very comfortable and it’s not so tacky that it gets slippery when your hand is sweating. That being said I’d still trust the Wilson Pro more if I was playing in really hot and humid conditions.

#1 Wilson Pro Overgrip
MSRP (3 Pack): $6
Thickness: .60mm
The GOAT. I personally go through about 100 Wilson Pros every year and it’s money well spent as far as I’m concerned. Hard to put into words what makes this one better than others.  All I can say is it just feels that little bit better. You have to use it to know what I’m talking about. This is my overgrip of choice and in my opinion is the best out there. I’ve tried a lot of different grips thinking something would feel or perform better and to this day nothing has. There’s just something special about this grip that’s hard to quantify and I can’t imagine it getting dethroned any time soon.