Best of Polyester Tennis Strings 2019

More Polys More Problems.
Of all the major string materials the biggest variety exists in the almost countless polyester offerings. We could do a similar best of for multifilaments (surprise surprise NRG2 and Xcel would be on the list) or synthetics but it just doesn’t carry the same weight or gravitas as the polyesters do. So with this best of we will be talking Polyesters. Please remember that polyester strings are not for everyone. By no means am I trying to assert that polyester strings are superior, rather, there is just so much more variety so a subjective ranking is more fun, appropriate, and more likely to generate a fierce debate.

The Top 3 Polyester Strings of 2019

#3 Luxilon – Alu Power
MSRP: $18
There were a few strings in contention for this number 3 spot including Babolat – RPM Blast and Tier One – Firewire but ultimately Alu Power won out over those 2. It’s a special string that for the first few hours is still probably my favorite polyester. The big issues with this string are longevity and… at least for me, it’s a little too powerful. In terms of a crisp pop on contact nothing beats it and there’s a reason why it’s remained so popular 20 years later…it’s just that dang good.

Feel/Playability: Above Average
Pop/Power: Above Average
Spin Potential/Control: Average
Arm Strain: Average
Feel/Strain on Serve: Above Average (in a good way)
Touch Shots/Volleys: Above Average
String Life: Well Below Average

#2 Tier One – Black Knight
MSRP: $9
The biggest surprise on any of my best of lists considering just how unknown this string is. It’s in that RPM Blast family of control first strings and of said strings it’s my favorite. So much control whilst still maintaining a crispness off the string bed. It’s a rare string where you really do feel like you can swing like a crazy person and not send the ball long.That’s what makes this string so rare and why I love it. There are other strings boasting this degree of control…the issue is they are usually very muted feeling. I’d tell anyone who loves RPM Blast to give this string a try and see which they prefer. Some will stick with RPM but I think a lot of players would consider making a switch.

Feel/Playability: Slightly Above Average for This Type of Poly
Pop/Power: Average to Slightly Below Average for the Newer Generation of Polys
Spin Potential/Control: Above AverageElite when it comes to control
Arm Strain:  Average
Feel/Strain on Serve: Average
Touch Shots/Volleys: Slightly Below Average
String Life: Average

#1 Solinco – Hyper-G
MSRP: $12
The only string to date I’ve labeled as a true “must try” for polyester users. In my opinion Hyper-G strikes the optimum balance of primary and secondary string attributes.

Feel/Playability: Above Average
Pop/Power: Above Average
Spin Potential/Control: Above Average
Arm Strain:  Average
Feel/Strain on Serve: Above Average
Touch Shots/Volleys: Average
String Life: Above Average

It’s extremely rare for a polyester to have nothing fall below average and to have so many attributes above. That’s why it’s number one on my list and to be honest it is by some margin. Especially considering this string is suitable for anyone using Polys not just the hardest/fastest swingers…but it will suite them too.